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Mexico Hotel Industry Grows to 12.7 Billion Dollars in 2022, Poised for a Solid 8.20% CAGR Growth

Mexico Hotel Industry

Mexico’s hotel industry has witnessed remarkable growth, reaching an impressive value of 12.7 billion dollars in 2022. As the industry continues to evolve, it is projected to maintain a robust pace during the forecast period (2023-2028) with a striking Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.20%. This growth reflects the resilience and potential of the hotel sector in Mexico.

Market Overview

Mexico’s hotel industry is an integral part of the country’s tourism sector, contributing significantly to its economy. The industry comprises a diverse range of hotels, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly accommodations, catering to the varied preferences of domestic and international travelers. Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and diverse attractions make it an attractive destination, boosting the hotel industry.

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Factors Driving Growth

Tourism Boom and Foreign Investment

Mexico’s thriving tourism industry has attracted substantial foreign investment, fostering the development of world-class hotels and resorts. The influx of tourists, both domestic and international, is a key driver propelling the growth of the hotel industry.

Economic Growth and Business Travel

Mexico’s growing economy has led to an increase in business travel, driving demand for business-oriented hotels. The emergence of major business hubs has amplified the need for quality lodging options, supporting the expansion of the hotel sector.

Diversification of Offerings

Hotels in Mexico are diversifying their offerings to cater to different market segments. From luxury hotels and boutique accommodations to eco-friendly resorts, the industry is adapting to changing consumer preferences, enhancing its overall appeal.

Government Initiatives and Tourism Promotion

The Mexican government’s initiatives to promote tourism and enhance the country’s image as a global tourist destination are bolstering the hotel industry. Policies aimed at streamlining regulations and facilitating tourism-related investments are contributing to market growth.

Market Segmentation

The Mexico Hotel Industry can be segmented based on various factors, including hotel type, star ranking and region.

Hotel Type:

  • Luxury Hotels and Resorts
  • Mid-Scale and Full-Service Hotels
  • Budget and Economy Hotels
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Others

Star Ranking:

  • 3 Stars and Below
  • 4 Stars
  • 5 Stars and Above


  • Baja California
  • Northern Mexico
  • The Bajío
  • Central Mexico
  • Pacific Coast
  • Yucatan Peninsula

Future Outlook

The future of the Mexico Hotel Industry appears promising, with a strong growth trajectory anticipated. As Mexico continues to attract travelers from around the world and invest in tourism infrastructure, the hotel industry will remain a key driver of the country’s economic growth and tourism sector.